Henry Ward A.R.I.B.A. 1854 - 1927.

Prolific yet almost forgotten Hastings Architect

The Observer Building - 1924

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The Observer Building, opened 1924, threatened with demolition 2006


"The Observer" today, in need of a clean up, but otherwise an imposing even iconic building - an enduring statement of confidence

...and THIS cheap and nasty statement is what is proposed

F J Parsons knew he'd be around long enough to make it worth investing in putting his name over the door
The following pictures are taken from "The British Builder" September 1924

"The Observer" 1924

The Main entrance. Both the outer and inner doors are of polished teak, of excellent finish.

An Editor's Room

Reporters' room

The Board Room

The Enquiry Office, fitted throughout in polished teak

The pneumatic transmission tubes (left) and the inner hall, shewing lift and lift enclosure, and fire appliances

A view of letterpress machinery room, shewing some of the machines on which the "British Builder" is printed

Bill heads from the 1930's (Roger Weeden Collection)


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