Henry Ward A.R.I.B.A. 1854 - 1927.

Prolific yet almost forgotten Hastings Architect

More examples of Henry Ward's work

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The Havelock  

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"The Buccaneer" in Eastbourne

(Bob Hart photos)

St. Stephen's - Bexhill

St John's - Victoria Road Bexhill

Chapel in Priory Road

Chapel Foundation Stone

Fish Ponds Farm – Fairlight Golf club
Temporary Pavilion Cricket Ground Queens Road
Royal cinema – De Luxe Alterations to operations box.
Belsize – St Helens Park Road
Airth Lodge 4 Cumberland Gardens
Work on Road Exeter Parade – Pelham Place to Battery
Alterations to Moorhurst Battle Road
Workshop 10 Shorndon Terrace (26 Bohemia Road) J W Glazier
The Wilderness (Belsize) St Helens Park Road St Helens Mount Stables
Plans of drain 51 Robertson street
Alterations Clarence Hotel 389 London Road.
Plan of drain – Braemar – De Cham road - Orwell House
Schoolroom & Dormitory – Hillcroft 314 The Ridge
Front part Grand Hotel -The Parade SloS – Pull down rear erect Concert Hall Andrew Jackson
Pavement Channel 11-12 Robertson Street
Shop fronts 371-3 London Road 2-3 Shorndon Villas Bohemia Road
New Road – Beaconsfield Road W H Goodwin
Plummer Roddis & Tyrell Ltd 76-78 Terminus road 16/3/1897 GIL/3/207/1056
Plummer Roddis & 68-70 Terminus Road 1897 GIL/3/11/207/1/1052
Redlake Congregational Church Grove Road Hastings Brick built 1903 demolished 1978
St Stephens Bexhill
Stabling & Sussex Hotel Sidley
Bottling store in field adjoining St Pancaras Gardens Ballad & Co Southover Brewery.
Restoration of West Window 1899-1901 PAR365/4/2/24-38
House for J Smith LAR/6/283 March 1955 ??
New Road – Bancroft Road Bexhill DR/A/1/9/948
Buchanon Hospital August 1925 HH80/1
HH 83/96

A selection of "Other work" carried out by HW - from 1919 HBC minute books

7/3/1919 P86
Convert to Flats 39 West Hill Road
Nine sets of flats 67, 69, 71, 73, 75 Warrior Sq
Six sets of flats 84, 86, 88 Warrior Sq

Conversion to 4 Flats British Hotel

6/6/1919 P152/3
Alterations to Gensing Hall
Conversion to 2 flats, 7 Anglesey Terrace
Motor garage at St.Leonards Lodge, Maze Hill (1st car in Hastings?)

1/8/1919 P190
3 sets of flats, 38/40 Chapel Park Road
3 sets of flats & caretakers rooms 26,27,28 Marina
Loggia , Metropole Hotel
Recreation Room & conversion into Motor garage “The Metropole” RobertsonTerrace (in plans originally 2/6/1911)
Extension of bakehouse 185 Queens Road
Conversion to flats 171, 173 London Road
Additions to the Hermitage, 32 Cornwallis Gardens


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