The America Ground


The Mural

The America Ground 2001

Light up the America Ground

History of the America Ground

The Mural in all its glory

and the plaque unveiled 1st July 2001, it reads

'The America Ground'
by Ray Smith
painted by Jon Cole, Susan Elliott, Pete Thompsett, Benjamin Gough
The Hastings America Ground
This Victorian Town centre was once part of the sea, It was the Saxon and Norman harbour of the rich and important Cinque Port Town of Hastings

The great storms of the thirteenth century changed the coastline dramatically, destroying the harbour and the prosperity of the town

Over a period of five hundred years, the harbour was gradually transformed into land. This lay empty until 1800, when enterprising merchants buils warehouses, rope-walks and dwellings on the former waste beach, which they occupied until 1835.

At some time in this period, the Corporation of Hastings attempted to take control of the area. The inhabitants rioted and raised the flag of the United States of America as a symbol of their independence. Hence the area became known as 'THE AMERICA GROUND'

In 1828, the Government claimed the site, as it had once been sea and therefore belonged to the crown. After seven years it was cleared and lay empty until leased by Patrick Robertson, who in 1850 commenced development of The Crown Estate
(Robertson Street, Claremont and Trinity Street)

Hastings is unique in having a town centre where William the Conqueror sailed and the Star Spangled Banner Once flew
Dennis Collins, Historian

This project was made possible with support from 'Arts & Business New Partners', Hastings & St.Leonards Town Centre Management, HAS Property Management, South east Arts through the 'Year of the Artist' scheme and Hastings Borough Council

The Artists' working drawing

Scaffolding up while the painting is done

Close up of artist Pete Thompsett at work

....and the webmaster takes a closer view

and here's a view off the scaffolding

All pictures (c) copyright Ion Castro 2001

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