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What do you know about Burtons' St Leonards and the Society?

The New Town St Leonards was the inspiration of James Burton, (1761 - 1837) and was subsequently enlarged by his son Decimus, (1800 -1881) both father and Son being famous as architects in Bloomsbury, in Tunbridge Wells and elsewhere. Founded in 1828, as an example of regency Town Planning and Garden Landscaping, it is unique.

In 1967 over-ambitious expansion schemes lead to the demolition of listed buildings and the destruction of the character of the area. "Little Bloomsbury by the sea" was set for extinction. The Burtons St Leonards Society was founded to stop the threat. Their campaign, backed by various organisations like the Civic Trust, the Georgian Group and Hastings Borough Council, resulted in the designation of the conservation area in 1969, by the Local Authority. see map

The Need for Conservation The aims of the society are, as well as general improvements

What has been achieved? The Society has already:

And Now? The Society seeks support from all who care for their environment, and indeed, it would like its members to include everyone who lives in the Area. It has regular meetings and other Social Events.  

Burtons St Leonards Information Centre  Burtons St Leonards Information Centre

Hon. Secretary
Mrs Christine Francis
1 West Ascent
St Leonards on Sea
East Sussex TN38 OBB
tel 01424 421207
email: FrancJhn@aol.com

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