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Carnival Chairman Robert wrote the following letter of thanks to our local newpaper who, for reasons of space, were unable to print it in its entirey. Here is the complete letter

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HASTINGS & St, LEONARDS OBSERVER                                  

Letters to the Editor. Part one.

My ref. Carnival  August 7th. 2010.                                               Date 9th. 2010.
                                                                                       Revised        17th. 2010.
Dear Sir,
 1.    They came from Essex / Kent Sussex Surrey & Cornwall, I even met two Ladies from Russia. A really international audience.

  2.   The day started wet & windy and many of my members had wet hair & feet, but as promised by Michael Fish this was soon to clear and it did thank you Michael.

  3.   The build up throughout the week would be best described as magnificent with events such as the Sea boot race / Bike race and Pram Race. Then on Thursday High Street Party night. If that was not enough “I’m already walking on my knees” Friday brought the challenge to beat the record for Pirates in one place at one time. “The record to beat was annihilated” Again international support with Pirates crossing the Channel and for all I know some could have come from the Carribean Captain Morgan and his crew for instance. Fancy dress and commitment to make our week the success it is, has to go to you the people of Hastings. My committee do their best to help. Hastings High Street Traders Assn. Old Hastings Preservation Soc. Are there also.

 4.   Many individuals who act on their own behalf but would not be normally recognized, have a big part to play during this week. I could mention some names but not to offend those I may forget best not to. You know who they are. There was one chap who lost his voice on two or three occasions. A Lady who by the end of the evening must have smelt like Bar-B-Q. And earlier in the year a lady familiar in the Old Town presented us with most of the advertising & revenue for the programme.

5.   Then we come to Saturday 7th.
As I said at the begining the weather for the start to the day was not too good. But even at this early stage enthusiasm was to be seen all around. Dolphin Pub in Rock-a-Road. Denise White East Street. And other Old Towners preparing their Floats, Ore. St. Leonards. Hastings included. Truck operators. Frenchs / A.B.C.Transport / Skinners / Hendy Hire etc. were stretched to provide enough vehicles.

6.   We had Rock Bands. Jazz Bands. Samba Lanco and the ever popular Section five. Not satisfied yet with that. Bonfire Boys Drums & Float. Jive Bands Dance Bands. Mobile Disco Hospital Radio. Public address with taped music plus Mel on the mike. It just goes on and on. An old favourite who’s always there POPEYE, we even managed to track down Charlie the Clown for the first time.
How many Carnivals can boast to have an all weather Life Boat in their parade, we can thanks team.

7.  The Rock-a-nore car park started to come alive at 1-30pm. Floats of all sorts Pedestrians included.
At 3-30pm. As promised our very own Air Display from Chris Jesson and Richard Parkin. Doing what planes should not do.  

8.   5-00pm. Official start time, a little delay due to parked cars in one of the narrowest Streets in the Old Town, for which I apologize. “Something to watch out for in 2011”
Already many of us have been on our feet for many hours. Three hours later I get back to Rock-a-nore, having seen and witnessed, as many have said already, one of the best carnivals they have been part of or even seen.

9.   Many thanks to you all, and it was nice to meet and greet our MP Amber Rudd and Mayor Kim Forward on so many occasions throughout that special week in August .2010. Tea and cakes on the V.I.Ps. saluting stage into the bargain. I’m one of those many who enjoyed the day.

Robert. E. Morgan. Chairman.   


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