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The Hastings Old Town Carnival has been in existence since 1968. In those days Hastings and St Leonards had their own carnival which missed out the Old Town so Old Towners decided to have their own, better, more socially inclusive carnival. As time went by the Old Town event got better and better and the other one, sadly, fizzled out. As a parting gift they gave us the right to the title "Miss Hastings" so our Old Town Carnival Queen is also Miss Hastings.
Hastings Old Town Carnival is run by an unpaid band of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers and our aim is to make our town, through carnival, the cultural capital of the south east and to achieve this we welcome new members that can extend our inclusive multicultural aspirations by widening the scope of the carnival entries and resulting in greater community cohesion and regeneration - you don't have to join at the AGM, just e-mail us for details.

We've been the official site since 1998 and are probably the oldest Carnival website in the UK!
Not to be confused with Hastings Week

Hastings Old Town Carnival Committee 2016/17 Elected 23rd November 2016.
Hastings Old Town Carnival Committee

President: Bill Wicking, Chairman: Nick Lynas, Vice Chairman: Keith Leech, Treasurer: John Pond, Secretary: Heather Leech Committee: Ion Castro, Sue Castro, Tom Leitch, Bruce Dowling, Harris Woodcock, Sarah Murray, Maureen Fuller, Dave Fuller, Reg Wood, Tina Burgess, Hannah Burgess, Mags Cooper, Peter Gould. Not in picture, Jean Gillam, Nikki Parker, Richard Stevens

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