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Hastings Old Town Carnival Court - carnival Queen Entries 2015

Hastings Sea Court

Hastings Old Town Carnival Sea Court 2018 entries so far

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Hastings Old Town Carnival Sea Court
Danielle Mann 28

I study at Sussex Coast College and was born in St Leonards where I now live.
I'm kind and polite and it would be nice to represent the community I live in as sea queen. I like the idea of being a queen/princess for the day

Hastings Old Town Carnival Sea CourtMonica Bane 75

Hello, my name is Monica Bane and I would like to apply for the 2018 Sea Court. I am 75 years old, and live in Hastings. I am an Old Towner and was Carnival Queen in the 70's. I would like to be on the Sea Court because I am an old town girl and I love the old town. I like to live for each day and love new adventures!

Hastings Old Town Carnival Sea Court
Rai Hickflay, 34

I would like to enter for this year's carnival queen. I am 34, married, no children and have lived in Hastings for nearly 30 years! I really enjoy carnival and would love to be part of it this year.

Hastings Old Town Carnival Sea Court
Shanice Brooker 20

I feel I could be a good role model for people in Hastings, especially younger ones. I have worked since I was 15, got an apprenticeship at 16, now am a supervissor in my cirrent job role.

Hastings Old Town Carnival Sea Court
Sophia Alexa Evans, 41

I would like to be a part of the Court to promote transgender awareness as I am trans myself and to show other trans women that we are beautiful too.

Hastings Old Town Carnival
Sam Hickflay, 36

When I found out that my wife had applied and that there was an opening for a Sea King as well, I wanted to join her in this fascinating opportunity. Hastings has been my home all my life and I have seen many changes in the town, watched it going from strength to strength and would like to be part of its continued regeneration.






Carnival Court Sponsors 2018

Thank You Hastings Lions for your sponsorship of the Sea Court


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