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Hastings Old Town Carnival Court - Old Town Carnival Events
Hastings Old Town Carnival Court  
Hastings Old Town Carnival


Out & About 2011
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Hastings Old Town Week & Carnival Events 2011

Court Events 2011

FICA Farewell Ball - Saturday 22nd January, Aylesham, Kent
Donation Evening - Sunday 6th March, East Hastings Sea Angling Club - from 6pm
Awareness Day - Saturday 19th March, Priory Meadow Shopping Centre from 9am
Welcome Lunch - Saturday 2nd April, Italian Way Restaurant Hastings, from noon
Selection Evening - Sunday 10th April, East Hastings Sea Angling Club - from 6pm
Dress Shopping! - Saturday 16th April, Hastings from 12pm
Lydd Farewell - Saturday 7th May
Dover Selection Evening - Saturday 14th May
FICA New Courts First Meet - 14th & 15 May
Lydd Club Carnival & Gala - Saturday 18th June
Hailsham Carnival - Saturday 18th June
Dover Carnival - Sunday 3rd July
Deal Carnival - Thursday 28th July
Bexhill Carnival - Saturday 30th July

30th July - 6th August - HASTINGS OLD TOWN WEEK! Opening Ceremony 30th July

Pram Race Weds, Pirate Day Fri and Carnival
Saturday 6th August.
Sheppey Carnival - Saturday 20th August
Aylesham Carnival - Saturday 10th September
Court Of Kent - Masonic Hall Black Tie inner - Saturday 17th September
October 8th-15th - HASTINGS WEEK! Bonfire on 15th
Deal Christmas Parade - Saturday 10th December

The Italian way


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