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Hastings Old Town Pram Race 2013 - Wednesday 7th August

Pram Race Rules

Hastings Old Town Pram Race has been running for about 35 years and in order to maintain this successful event we have had to tighten up on the entrance rules and regulations.  This is to protect the event itself as well as the race goers, spectators and money collectors involved.


    • The event is open to anyone able to complete the course and not just to those living in Hastings Old Town.
    • There is a minimum age limit of eighteen.
    • The event is a team event and team sizes are not limited but ‘prams’ should be based on a pram sized chassis or similar pedestrian propelled vehicle.  They must be safe to race and capable of completing the course in one piece.
    • A pram is a pedestrian propelled vehicle deemed safe by the organisers – no motor or mechanically propelled vehicles will qualify e.g. lawn mowers or bicycles, etc.
    • A team member must walk in front of the pram at all times to ensure the safety of fellow race participants, spectators and property eg cars.
    • Alcohol may not be carried on prams and may be confiscated by marshals.
    • Teams for this race must enter in advance by 6pm on Tuesday 6th August 2013 at the latest.
    • Runners must have a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) at each pub and will have a card issued at the start to be signed by the bar staff officiating at each pub to indicate that their team has been to each pub.
    • The teams can only move onto the next pub once their card has been signed.  The race cards will then be handed to the Marshal at the finish – The Cutter Pub - at which time the team’s race time will be recorded.
    • The Race Marshals will decide whether the teams have completed the event in accordance with the rules.  Their decision is final.
    • Each team must submit an entry form and appropriate payment - £20 per tem. With these entry forms are the rules for entry which must be adhered to by each entrant. Sadly, failure to stick to the rules, behaviour that is dangerous or considered in appropriate will endanger the Pram Race licence and the future running of the race.


Please read the entry form and rules carefully and ensure that all your race goers follow them carefully.


    • Entry Forms must include the Team Name, Team Leader, names, addresses and emergency contact numbers for each racer. This might seem like an excessive level of detail, but it is a requirement of the Pram Race insurance and would prove important should anyone have an incident.
    • When registering the team at the Start of the race, the Team Leader will be required to sign to agree to abide by the race rules.
    • Teams must register at The Cutter by 6pm on Tuesday 6th August 2013.
    • £20 entrance per team – teams can be any size.  The entrance fee has changed to help fund the additional expenses of the road closure.
    • Teams can run under a pub, club or just a group of friends.
    • Teams are asked to sign a registration form – to confirm that NO UNDER EIGHTEENS will be in their team.
    • Contact details are needed for health and safety purposes.
    • Any theme is allowed.
    • Prams to be no bigger than 8ft long or 5ft wide.
    • No motorised vehicles.
    • No sharp edges to be allowed on prams.
    • No shopping trolleys
    • No water pistols – some teams go in the Carnival, so do not want their prams soaked..
    • Teams must use dedicated crossings when crossing roads.
    • Marshals are at various points throughout the course and should be called on should assistance be required.
    • All teams must return their collecting pots to The Cutter by 11pm on the night of the race.


Have fun and stay safe. For more advice see www.drinkaware.co.uk


Download entry form word format or pdf


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