The OFFICIAL Hastings Old Town Carnival Pages 1998


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We are indebted the late Derek Casper for allowing us to use these COPYRIGHT pictures of a few of the entries for the 30th Hastings Old Town Carnival, 1998

if you would like copies of these or any of Derek's other photos of the Carnival, you can 'phone  +44 (0) 1424 712880

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The winning float from Marshall Tufflex

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Winners of the pram race, The Royal Standard pub entry

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Hastings Fishermen's Wives entry

fishwif2.jpg (11349 bytes)

another view of the Fishermen's wives entry

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more wives, this time All Saints Monday Wives

conquest.jpg (11204 bytes)

the Conquest Hospital entry

halifax.jpg (11833 bytes)

Halifax Building Society

mby.jpg (10128 bytes)

Camel Corps from the Motor Boat & Yacht Club

smart.jpg (14449 bytes)

Smart Youth Club

sambul.jpg (11499 bytes)

one of the many Bands, Sambalanco - see their site

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