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This was once my wife's family home, they always end up looking like this!

Poor Little Chap! I know how he feels!

Scottish Things and Others!

The Lord
The Cosmos
My Kilt!

..My Music comes from Barry Taylor , Online again Barry Taylor

Two Perfect Highland Gentlemen
A Fishing Spot
Some Fraser Tartans
Spean Bridge Commando Memorial
A Curious Prophecy

St Anthony by Bryn

Beaufort Castle

Rat Tale

E W Doltch: A Basic Sight Volcabulary of 220 Words

Nessie Links

Nessie's Highland Web Site
The Legend of Nessie

Rolf the Ganger
The Banishment Of Rolf the Ganger
15 Generations Connected to Rolf Ganger

Lord George Murray's Letter to the Prince
The Old Fox
Fraser Position at Culloden

Drugs UK
Background to Drugs UK
HM Government Drugs Strategy (10 year) October 1998

I will start to put back in place the links to Kinsfolk and sites of interest.

Barry Fraser
Nicholas Coleman
Ion Castro
James C. Woodard

These pages are added to all of the time . Please come again soon!

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