This is me in my kilt!

Vanity aside, I do enjoy a good pose, this is not a bad example of the full kit, daywear at least!

Starting from the top; the hair I got from my father, the jacket is an Argyll, cut long to protect my back from the wind and made from Russet Harris Tweed (Lovat Tweed makes me look like a green olive). It has turned back cuffs and three stag's horn buttons per cuff. The pockets are similar. The shirt is a blue butcher's stripe poplin. The tie is a blue knit (though black is traditional). The Kilt is made by Dalgerty of Forfar - my thanks to Mrs Muir - (as was the jacket ) and consists of 8-9 yards of Hunting Fraser (Modern Colours). The belt is Old style with an oblong brass buckle (none of your stag's head and thistles). I avoid pinning the front of my kilt because this causes damage to the fabric. Modesty is protected by its ample manufacture. The sporran, a modern thing but nice enough, has a Celtic knot design on the flap and three danglely things that make a very annoying noise when I walk (a future choice would be a plain front). The knees are a porriage colour that sunlight might improve. The stockings are plain navy blue and without flashes. The shoes are of course Black leather. Though it cannot be seen I have a skene dubh in my sock which is made from an old file in the traditional manner, it has a Lapis top enclosed in silver. In my hand I hold a Lovat Scout Bonnet.

The backgound to the photo shows the gatehouse and public toilets of Battle Abbey, East Sussex, England.
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