Two Perfect Highland Gentlemen

In this delightful picture you can see together two of the greatest and best men the Highlands of Scotland have ever known.

The elder gentleman is Simon Joseph Fraser, Lord Lovat, the younger, the then, Master of Lovat, Simon Christopher Fraser who later became the great WW11 Commando leader, "Shimi" Lord Lovat. At one time masters of the largest landholding in Europe which in its entirety stretched from the West coast of Scotland to the East coast.

Chieftains of the Highland Frasers. They never placed themselves before their responsibilities to the land and the people who lived on it. They looked down upon nobody and gave equal attention to all regardless of their station. They drove nobody from their land but gave homes and work to many. Those they could not settle they assisted to find new homes in the dominions.

They now sleep their well-earned rest at St Mary's at Eskadale. But their work was not finished!

Where now is there a man to take their place? Or are there no great men left?