Some Fraser Tartans

This is the Hunting Fraser (Modern Colours) and the nearest the Highland Clan Fraser has to a regimental tartan. Originally adopted by officers of the Lovat Scouts (Raised 1900 by Simon Joseph Fraser 16th Lord Lovat ) for their dress trews (strapped) and worn as a kilt and strapped plaid by pipers of the Lovat Scouts. I am informed that it has now been adopted in the kilted form as full dress uniform for the present Lovat Scouts (TA).

This next Tartan is the Fraser Dress Tartan and it needs no comment from me as to the reason. Sufficient to say that it makes very nice dresses and skirts for the ladies and is sometimes mistaken for Royal Stewart. I do not recall ever seeing a Adult Fraser Male wearing it although it could be a useful means of initiating conflict, should an excuse be needed.

Below (when we find a decent image, we are raiding sites web-wide) will be a picture of the Red Fraser, probably the best looking of the Fraser Tartans and the most traditional and popular. Unfortunately it gives me a horrid florid look and because of my girth makes me look like a badly wrapped Christmas pudding. Older Clansmen take note... (Truthfully, I have a nice image waiting to be scanned). No! Found somebody elses. That was boringly simple!

Joe Makowiec (MacIntyre) has kindly provided me with an image of the Fraser foursquare in green and red. Thanks Joe!

And finally there will be the Lovat, the personal Tartan of the Lovat family, a distinctive variation on the above but heaven knows where we will find that. We did...And here it is

..Any other Fraser Tartans are inventions or are one of the above that has been badly cleaned