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Upper Queens Road, Hastings


Queens Road Hastings

Upper Queens Road HastingsHastings

Queens Road Hastings

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Queens Road Hastings
The Upper Queens Road area in 1872

Queens Road Hastings

Queens Road HastingsAbove: The Clock House on the corner of Waterworks Road, 1935
Left: Tram Passes the Gas Showrooms, now Morrisons Car Park 1920? note sign for Imperial Hotel in the centre of picture

Queens Road Hastings
The Gas Showrooms in 1932, the Gas Works behind this was started a hundred years earlier when this was the outskirts of Hastings new town
Queens Road Hastings Queens Road Hastings
Queens Road Hastings

Queens Road Hastings
Newspaper report - Boer War veterans outside the Imperial Inn, 1937

Queens Road Hastings
St Andrews School, now St Andrews Villas in 1948. It would be many years before the damage that the school sustained during the war would be repaired
Queens Road Hastings
Tapner's warehouse in Waterworks Road on fire, January 4th 1909.
The Imperial Inn can be seen bottom left.

Queens Road / Alexandra Park Bridge featuring the centenary in 1998 of the bridge that replaced
St Andrews Arch can be found here .... more >>>
and the other end of Queens Road....  more >>>

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