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Albert from Hastings' Albert Memorial

Hastings Albert Memorial Clock Tower

Albert from Hastings' Albert Memorial

Hastings Albert Memorial Clock Tower

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30th Sept 2014 saw a reception for Kelly Stirling, great-great-granddaughter of Edwin Stirling, the sculptor of the statue of Prince Albert 'the Good', which faced south to overlook the sea in the Albert Memorial clock tower, built in 1863. Kelly's grandfather had moved from Liverpool (where Edwin
Stirling lived and had his workshop) to Los Angeles, where she still lives, in the 1930s.

Hastings Albert Memorial
Brian Lawes, Hastings Local History Group Chair and Stephen Whitfield met Kelly at the railway station and went from there to the greenhouse at Alexandra Park to see the statue of Albert in his current location, before moving on to the Town Hall for the reception. Brian introduced Kelly to all present and presented her with a copy of our publication on the Albert Memorial.

Kelly explained how she had found a box of old papers and photos, including one of the Prince Albert statue in Edwin Stirling's studio, in pristine condition and standing on a plinth. The box of papers prompted her to
research her previously unheard-of ancestor, and Kelly passed round the historic documents and a short biography that she had written of Edwin - he was born in Scotland on 27th July 1819, and died 6th June 1867. He moved to Liverpool in the course of his career, and set up a studio there, before winning the commission to sculpt Albert.

Hastings Albert Memorial

Hastings Albert Memorial
Some of those present had brought along relevant press cuttings and illustrations, and these were also circulated. Included were some previously-unseen photos, and the Observer report on how Miss Edith Skelton
saved the statue from being broken up and used as hard core, by offering the workmen £50 for him. Brian produced a photomontage including the statue on a plinth of the spot next to the side entrance to the Town Hall, in the loop formed by the disabled ramp, where it is proposed Albert will be sited.

Stephen Whitfield, the 'prime mover' behind the plan gave a progress report on the project to move the statue of Albert. A planning application has been submitted. Once accepted, Roger Wilcock, a top stonemason from Towner's the Undertakers will cost the project. He thought that it would be less than £5,000, including the Portland stone plinth and added that Mr Edward Towner, as proprietor of a family firm that has traded locally for the last century or so, looked favourably on the project and would price it accordingly. Hastings Local History Group will be looking after the fundraising.
Hastings Albert Memorial Hastings Albert Memorial
It was suggested that HM the Queen should be informed of our plans to move her ancestor -it is a nice coincidence that Albert was the Queen's great-great-grandfather, just as the sculptor Edwin Stirling was Kelly's great-great-grandfather.

With thanks to Mrs Heather Grief, Hastings Local History Group's secretary, who will be accepting donations. Tel. 01424-444277, email heather@grief64.fsnet.co.uk
64, Tower Road West, St. Leonards-on-Sea, E. Sussex TN38 0RL

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