Some of Hastings fishermen's winch huts with Jerwood No posters - do the fishermen look as if they support the gallery on the Stade? If the images don't appear above click here
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Q. Why can't I park on the stade? - the council's losing at least £130,000 every year since they banned parking there
A. Because the council has a covenant with Gallerium, another Leichtenstein company, part of the Jerwood group. You can read the covenant here

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15th March 2013 Hastings Observer reports 65,000 visitors for 1st year - what happened to promised 150,000? - and only around 22,000 of them were non-Hastingers .... gosh that'll do a lot for regeneration!

17th March 2012 - We've just heard that the opening weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) attracted over 2000 visitors to the gallery (a large percentage of them invited guests) - almost as many as the coaches used to bring in a single day........

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Intereresting fact since Sea Space, the 'regeneration quango' became involved in Hastings the town has worstened by a further seven places in the Index of Multiple Deprivation More >>


Why is Hastings Boro' Council so in favour when all the evidence suggests that locating Jerwood on the Stade will have a long-term negative effect on Hastings' economy

Hastings Borough Council displays all the symptoms of Groupthink- a term coined by social psychologist Irving Janis (1972). This occurs when a group makes faulty decisions because group pressures lead to a deterioration of “mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgment”.  Groups affected by groupthink ignore alternatives and tend to take irrational actions that dehumanize other groups.  A group is especially vulnerable to groupthink when its members are similar in background, when the group is insulated from outside opinions, and when there are no clear rules for decision making. There's lots of information on the internet on this subject - simply Google "groupthink" See also "Unskilled and Unaware of It" - How difficulties in recognising one's own incompetence lead to inflated self-assessments

  Hastings' white elephant
Why are we opposed to Jerwood? Actually we're not against Jerwood at all but we feel, and not without justification, that the gallery would be better located elsewhere in the borough, the former White Rock Baths site or the former Bathing Pool would be ideal and contribute to the regeneration of our town without destroying existing amenities, businesses and revenue streams. We believe that, in the right location a gallery might indeed aid regeneration. The Stade is NOT the right location . Jerwood have demanded the Stade location or nothing, and never mind the consequences on Hastings Old Town - end of story - well almost, many 'day-trip' coach drivers said the same thing, and now they can't park in the Old Town they simply don't come. Revenue from each coach, directly into the local economy, has been estimated at £500.
Is Jerwood on the Stade essential to get access to grants to develop the Stade? Let's be clear, Jerwood are ONLY paying for the building to house their gallery, they want the site for ever for nothing and don't want to pay any form of rates or taxes on it or make any financial contribution towards the Stade infrastructure.
Isn't the development of the Stade dependent on building the gallery? NO its not, If that were the case then why were we told that the development would go ahead even without the grant? - so no need for the gallery then.
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How many people are expected to visit the new gallery?

150,000 a year, 50% will arrive by train and walk to the gallery - yes, really. The source of that figure is in the report here - see page 30, paragraph 4.9 and the table on page 87. ("We estimate this using the Jerwood Gallery Business Plan assumption that the local residents’ entrance fee will be £2 and non-resident visitors pay £5. The Business Plan has an indicative forecast for 150,000 gallery visits per annum and an assumption that 15 percent of these visits will be school-aged children. Based on evidence from the Tate Gallery St. Ives, we assume that 78 percent of visitors will be non-local (this is only marginally more than the share of visits to the De La Warr Pavillion (73%) where resident visitors are more likely because there is no entrance charge). After discounting for the number of school-aged children visits, the annual revenue generated by the gallery is estimated to be some £553,000. A further £90,000 of revenue is expected from the operation of a (30 cover) café within the gallery (operated as a franchise).")

The Tate St.Ives got 126,592 visitors in 2007/8 -see TSI annual report - page 9. The same page tells us that Grant in Aid of £854,000 was received from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

On page 8 of the St.Ives report - Future Development, it states ".... an extension to the gallery remained the only viable way forward, but that the extension should be re-designed, the related parking issues should be addressed and the dialogue with the community should continue." Be ready to lose more of the stade in the future!!

Sometimes there's no coaches at all parked on the Stade That happens occasionally but don't forget existing student exchange activity based on the Stade – and this year that represents £9.05 million going directly into the local economy, predominantly to local host families. In arriving at the figure we have used the same second round multiplier that was used by the consultants. In addition, you have the day coaches and their passengers that presently use the Stade. HBC estimate the average spend of day visitors to be just over £17 per head. According to the log book kept by the Stade parking supervisor, some 3,900 day coaches use the Stade each year. Lets assume 40 passengers per coach, giving a total of 156,000 coach based day visitors. Using the HBC spend figure, that’s another £2,65 million or £3,66 million if you use the same second round multiplier again. So, with its present use, coach based activities generate £12,71 million into the local economy.
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Why can't we find any annual accounts for Jerwood? - shouldn't they be as easy to find as the Tate St.Ives? Despite extensive trawls of the internet using Google we have found NO annual accounts for Jerwood in Leichtenstein or its charitable endeavours - please help
Will local artists be able to exhibit in the gallery? NO, Jerwood plan to have a permanent exhibition of their own collection and supplement that with other art from their collection. We don't even know what 'art' will be exhibited in the permenant gallery!
Will admission be free? NO, They plan to charge "so that they can recover the VAT on the Gallery" charging for admission or otherwise is irrelevent in this context - normal VAT rules apply - HM Customs and Revenue advice, backed with VAT notices 701/1, Update 1 to Notice 701/1 Update 2 to Notice 701/1, Notice 701/47, Update 1 to Notice 701/47, Update 2 to Notice 701/47. These can be viewed on line at
We haven't noticed that we have to pay to enter the Council's newly refurbished Art Gallery at Hastings Museum or any of the other galleries in Hastings.
But the Fishermen are all for it

NO they aren't - we conducted a survey of boat owners and 82% of the fishermen were against it.

Just a few of the winch huts, would the fishermen have put up 'NO'posters if they were in favour?
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The Hastings Old Town Residents are all for it

NO they're not, the Chair of the Hastings Old Town Residents Association may be for the gallery but he has NEVER taken a poll of his members and not everyone in the old Town is a member of HOTRA. Without asking for comments from residents he has received twice as many letters against it as for it. As at 3rd June 2009 HOTRA has 132 members.

Where will the coaches go? 8 spaces will be provided on the northern side of the seafront between the Bourne and The Albion (that'll improve the view no end! ) and there will be spaces at Sea Road and Falaise Road as well. The full council report is here (pdf 1.7MB)
How will the coaches get to Sea Road and Falaise Road? Your guess is as good as ours. Current suggestions from East Sussex County Council (the highways authority) include turning left into Priory Road from Old London Road (try that with a 12 metre long coach!) or right round the Ridge, down Battle Road and down Harley Shute Road - unless they get lost in the back streets of Clive Vale of course.
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What about the lorries Absolutely no provision anywhere has been provided . There are vague hopes that they might find their way to an industial estate and stay there. Yes, really!


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