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The Jerwood Foundation has its registered office in Liechtenstein. Strangely enough this isn't mentioned in the 2007 annual report - available here nor is it on their web-site

Jerwood Foundation
Registered Office
FL 9490
VADUZ Liechtenstein


General information about Liechtenstein here courtesy of the BBC .

Information from the New York Times here


Up-to date (2nd Feb 2009) Information about Liechtenstein from BBC's Panorama Programme - here with reporter John Sweeney's blog here

Guardian's latest (13/3/09) here


Liechtenstein has chartered 17 banks, 3 non-bank financial companies, and 71 public investment companies, as well as insurance and reinsurance companies. Its 270 licensed fiduciary companies and 81 lawyers serve as nominees for, or manage, more than 75,000 entities (primarily corporations, institutions, or trusts), mostly for non-Liechtenstein residents. Approximately one-third of these entities hold the controlling interest in other entities, chartered in countries other than Liechtenstein. The Principality's laws permit the corporations it charters to issue bearer shares. Until recently, the Principality's banking laws permitted banks to issue numbered accounts, but new regulations require strict know-your-customer practices for all accounts. Source - US State Department


More about tax havens from Exec Digital  
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