SAY 'NO' to Jerwood on the Stade
No to Jerwood on the Stade
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"There's nothing you can do about it, it's going through" - Peter Pragnell, Leader of Hastings Borough Council. - Now that's what I call consultation!!



Initial 'Consultation' Document' - This is what Hastings Borough Council calls 'consultation' Shouldn't the first question be "do you want a Gallery on the Stade?" - biased or what!
Why not hold the road consultations in places that the average member of the public can't find - did you know this was the F-ISH gallery? - where the second 'Road Consultation' was held. If you're not one of the arts farternity you probably didn't. It's too late now but here's a picture in case you need to go there in the future - perhaps they'll have a sign up by then. - anyway another distorted 'consultation.' The StLeonards 'consultation' was held in the Hastings Arts Forum at Marine Court - talk about pre-selecting your audience !!

Cabinet Minutes - 9th June 2008  
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