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NEWSLETTER - MAY 2005 (special issue)

Top of page MICHAEL GREENHALGH, 1941-2005: We record with profound regret the death in hospital on 27 April of Mike Greenhalgh; he had been noticeably unwell for only a few weeks, but was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Mike joined HAARG some ten years ago after his early retirement as PE master at local schools, and in 1996 volunteered to take on the post of Treasurer. Two years later he also assumed the role of Field Officer which had been dormant for five years, and this together with the revival of the Journal brought new life to HAARG with a doubling of membership and the provision of activities which all could take part in. In recent years Mike has also been carrying out a number of local Watching Briefs for the County Archaeologist, and had devoted many hours a week to HAARG's affairs.
The funeral will take place at Hastings Crematorium on Monday 9 May at 11.0 am. In lieu of flowers, donations to HAARG funds in his memory are invited, c/o the new Treasurer (see below).
We extend the sympathy of all members to his wife Kay and all the family, many of whom have visited our digs at Beckley on several occasions. They were in process of moving from the Laton Road address to Bexhill and the house is being vacated shortly. Any member seeking further details should contact David Padgham or Lynn Russell (all contact addresses at end of this Newsletter).

Top of page THE FUTURE OF HAARG: this loss has placed a heavy work-load on the few remaining officers - reiterating what I have said in my Chairman's annual reports more than once, that HAARG was over-dependent on too few officers who had no deputies. It will mean further upheaval in the day-to-day administration, following on our recent change of club room which has caused a lot of work. Your Committee has already made a number of appointments: Kevin Cornwell is now Treasurer (which includes Membership renewals and recruitment), and Lynn Russell is managing the Watching Briefs. Equipment, many boxes of finds, and a large amount of records and reports are being temporarily stored by the Chairman and the Secretary, but offers of dry storage would be welcomed. No appointment is being made at present to the post of Field Officer, as this calls for availability frequently during the average week as well as organising skills, and has been a position only filled at wide intervals; however the Footlands Project led by Lynn Russell is still to proceed (see last Newsletter).

Top of page VICE-CHAIRMAN: the Committee was also pleased to appoint Barbara White to a new post of Vice-Chairman; Barbara regularly attends our Wednesday meetings and was already co-opted to the committee in view of her previous experience as Chairman of another archaeology group.

Top of page CLUB HEADQUARTERS: the room we have at All Saints Street for several years has been vacated, as reported in the March Newsletter. Wednesday morning meetings are being held until further notice in the upstairs room (disabled lift available) at the Fishermen's Museum, Rock-a-Nore Road, from 10.30am to 12.00. Members are urged to support these, as a means of keeping in touch with events, as it will obviously not be possible to provide very much outdoor activity for a few months.

Top of page A PERMANENT LOCAL HISTORY CENTRE is still being actively planned, and there are distinct hopes now that premises can be secured in the Old Town within a year or so.

Top of page ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS WERE DUE IN JANUARY; a large majority of members have renewed without reminder. A number who did not respond to two requests have now been deleted from the mailing list, but in a few cases we feel there is still an interest and for these a further renewal form is enclosed which please return to the new Treasurer as soon as possible.

Top of page EXCAVATIONS AT GLOSSAMS PLACE, BECKLEY: as previously explained, there will be no full-scale excavation this year pending the preparation of a definitive report. However it is intended that conservation work on some of the masonry will be carried out by members and visiting students as a training course under Paul Reed's professional supervision; details will be circulated later to all those who have expressed an interest.

Top of page THE SUMMER JOURNAL is being planned for publication in August, and will be accompanied by the next Newsletter.

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