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THIS NEWSLETTER is being sent experimentally by e-mail to all those members who have provided an address, to reduce costs as there are no other papers or Journal due to go out which call for a full mailing. It will of course be distributed in the usual way to other members. If you have an e-mail address which we have not yet added to our database and are agreeable to receiving information other than the Journal by this means, please send your details to: haarg@hotmail.co.uk

Top of page ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS : the large majority have renewed already - with thanks for prompt response. There has also been a welcome surge of new members now that we are again in a position to offer field-work activity. For those who have not yet renewed, a second form is enclosed which please return to Kevin Cornwell as soon as possible. For the sixth year there is no increase in amount - £8 individual, or £9 for a household or family, with a reduction to £7 for full-time students, unwaged and retired - but donations over and above are always welcome!

Top of page GIFT AID: As a registered charity we are able to reclaim Income Tax paid by UK tax payers against their subscriptions and donations. Many members have already consented to this but for those where we have no record, a Gift Aid form is enclosed; if you pay UK tax we would appreciate your completing this and return to the Treasurer, Kevin Cornwell at the address shown below.

Top of page AT THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF HAARG on 28 February congratulations were expressed to the joint Field Officers, Lynn and Kevin whose wedding was about to take place on 9 March. On behalf of HAARG, President Anne Scott presented the couple with B&Q Gift Vouchers towards their home improvements.

Kevin & Lynn would like to thank all those who contributed and sent good wishes.

Top of page Minor Amendments to the HAARG Constitution circulated with the Agenda were duly adopted, to conform with the present situation where we have two joint Field Officers. The new post of Vice-Chairman was also approved, and the earlier Committee appointment of Barbara Young to this office was confirmed by election.

All other officers and committee members were re-elected; the vacancy for a co-opted Committee Member arising from Barbara Young's election was subsequently filled on 28 March by the Committee's co-option of Alan Charman, and Bob Washington had previously been co-opted with effect from 21 February .

The Field Officers gave a power-point presentation of the past year's activities including the final season at Beckley, and the evening concluded with the new County Archaeologist, Casper Johnson, talking on his major excavation of a few years ago - the "Ashford Warrior Burials".

Top of page REX MARCHANT : we record with regret the death on 7 April of Rex Marchant, who served as HAARG Secretary from early in 2000, after Peter Fuller moved away. Sadly, Rex suffered a series of strokes and heart attacks and had to give up all activities two years later, though he did regain some mobility and was recently the author of a new book of Hastings views. We send our sympathy to his wife and daughters.

Top of page HAARG MEETINGS continue every Wednesday morning in the upstairs room of the Fishermen's Museum, Rock-a-Nore from 1030 to 1200. Coffee and biscuits are provided, with plenty of chat and there is access to most of our library. We still hope to transfer meetings to the History Centre later in the summer when essential works are completed.

Top of page HASTINGS OLD TOWN HISTORY WEEK : On Sunday 5 August HAARG are hosting an Archaeology Day at the History Centre, 21 Courthouse Street from 11.00 to 4.00pm. This will include presentations of the society's field work in Hastings area over the last two years, by Field Officers Kevin and Lynn. This event could be a major fund raiser and recruiting opportunity and volunteers are required to man the display and talk to the public. Please discuss with Kevin or Lynn.

Top of page SUMMER FIELD WORK : The Field Officers are also in process of planning activities for the summer period and wish to know if members would be interested in assisting. No experience is required and we will need a large work force for the new site. Field walking will take place during July or August, depending on the date of harvesting.

Top of page SURVEY WORK : on Bank Holiday Monday 28 May we are conducting survey work at our new Roman site near Battle. Over 500 sherds of Roman pottery have already been recovered from the area. Please contact Kevin or Lynn for details.

Top of page JO KIRKHAM has published two more booklets on local history of the Rye area. "Rye, St. Mary's Church and the Fécamp Connection" (£2.50, 2003) deals with the Manor of Rameslie and their rebuilding of St. Mary's, and includes new documentary material gathered during a visit to Normandy. A more recent title is "Huguenots in Rye and Winchelsea" (2006, £4.50). Both are available from the author - phone 01797 222562.


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