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Registered Charity No.294989

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Membership runs from January to December, and the Annual General Meeting, usually followed by a
lecture, is held on an evening in February. To increase our operating funds we operate the Gift Aid
scheme whereby we can reclaim Income Tax from the subscriptions and donations of any member
who pays tax, at no cost to the member. For this purpose a separate Gift Aid form is supplied for new members, which we ask you to complete if applicable. Further information can be obtained from the Treasurer.

GIFT AID As a registered charity, HAARG is now able to increase its income without expense to members, by a scheme which allows us to reclaim Income Tax paid by members on their subscriptions and any further donations.

Any member who pays even a small amount of tax* at the lowest rate of 10% is invited to complete
and sign the form provided below, which will allow HAARG to reclaim payment of 28% of the
subscription (anyone paying tax at the higher rate can in fact claim relief for the difference on their self-assessment form).

Notes: * provided that you pay an amount of UK income tax at least equal to the tax we reclaim.
You can cancel this declaration at any time by notifying the Hon. Treasurer.

You can download / print gift-aid and membership forms from this site, they are in plain text and should reproduce on most printers directly from the screen.


Click here for gift-aid form
Click here for membership form

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