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Hastings Area Archaeological Research Group was founded in 1972 to enable those with an interest in local archaeology and history to take an active part in discovering and recording our district's past. 

10 - 15 July 1999 - Glossam's Place, Beckley

As an educational charity we encourage members to take part in activities according to their ability, including training excavations, surveying and recording, historical research and helping with "rescue" digs when a site is threatened. We study the landscape looking for signs of past human activity, by means of exploratory walks and visits to known sites. We keep a close watch on planning applications and development areas, making representations when appropriate and offering our local knowledge to the professionals involved. 

Advice is also given to non-members who contact us, and young students interested in making a career in archaeology or related subjects are encouraged to take part and gain practical experience. 

We aim to cover the entire range of human activity from earliest times through the Roman, Saxon and later medieval periods to the present day. We support responsible metal detecting with proper recording of finds, and work closely with local museums. We are in contact with county and national archaeological organisations and the East Sussex County Archaeologists. 

Glossam's Place September 2001. Workers on the N. side

Additionally we have many supportive members who are unable to take part in activities; their subscriptions enable us to finance our work, and we keep in touch by a regular Newsletter giving details of future events, and by a larger Journal published twice each year - Summer and Winter - in which all investigations are eventually recorded, both for the information of members and for the benefit of future researchers. Historical research on local areas and sites also figures prominently in the Journal, the cost of which is included in the subscription. All back issues from 1995 are kept in print and can be purchased by members at a reduced price. 

July 1998, Paul Reed restoring the stone wall

Weekly meetings are held in Hastings Old Town, on Wednesday mornings from 10.30 to 12.00, and also on the first Wednesday evening of most months from 7.0 to 9.0pm. During these sessions we make plans and discuss the latest developments, and up-to-date information is posted on the notice board. A library of books and maps is available to members here and items can be borrowed from week to week. 

Membership runs from January to December, and the Annual General Meeting, usually followed by a lecture, is held on an evening in February. To increase our operating funds we operate the Gift Aid scheme whereby we can reclaim Income Tax from the subscriptions and donations of any member who pays tax, at no cost to the member. For this purpose a separate Gift Aid form is supplied for new members, which we ask you to complete if applicable. Further information can be obtained from the Treasurer. 

Why not come along one Wednesday and see for yourself?

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