Hastings Week

Bowskill Trophy Awards for 2016

Awarded 20th Jan 2017

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This is a trophy presentation to an individual, association, group, force, or organisation who you feel have particularly contributed to Hastings Week 2016. 

The Bowskill Trophy Awards 2017 were presented by Hastings' Mayor, Councillor Judy Rogers
and Hastings Week Chair Nigel Hogben.

The Bowskill Trophy is presented annually in memory of Cyril Bowskill who, with his wife Joan was a great supporter of Hastings Week, from majority vote based on public nominations it is awarded to the person, group or organisation who has done most to promote the prestige of the week. Hastings Week is actually more than a week of events, including as it does both weekends either side of October 14, the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and has grown from the single Hastings Day celebrated on October 14th.

Hastings Week Bowskill Trophy

Awarded to 1066 Show Marshals

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