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Order of 1066 Nomination

Hastings Week

10th - 18th OCTOBER 2015
HASTINGS DAY, the 949th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings is 14th October
(Not to be confused with Hastings Old Town Week and Carnival  August 2015)
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Hastings Week


Hastings Week


Hastings Week
The Right Worshipful The Mayor
Councillor Bruce Dowling


TN34 1QR

Tel:  01424 451751
Fax: 01424 451743
E-mail: mayorsoffice@hastings.gov.uk

June 2015

Dear Colleague

ORDER OF 1066 AWARD 2015

As you are no doubt aware, the Order of 1066 Award is presented annually and is linked with the celebrations for Hastings Day on the 14th October.  The Award is to recognise and honour, in a tangible way, a person who has rendered especially meritorious service to the town and its inhabitants in a voluntary capacity.

The recipient of the Award is decided by a special Panel which is chaired by the Mayor and nominations are invited from organisations and individuals in the town.

I should be pleased if you will take part by forwarding, on the form attached, details of any person who, in your opinion, merits consideration for this honour.  The person need not be a member of your organisation.

I am sure you will appreciate that it is necessary for a high degree of confidentiality to be maintained throughout and the information provided in support of a nomination must be authentic, capable of verification and obtained with the knowledge of the person nominated.  As the information given is to be corroborated, it is necessary for me to receive nominations by Friday 14th August at the latest, to enable the necessary organisational work to be carried out so that the Award can be presented at a reception on 14th October.

A copy of the Criteria for Selection is enclosed for your guidance.  Please make your nomination as full as possible so that fair consideration can be given to it alongside others.

Yours sincerely

S Crosby

Sarah Crosby
Mayor’s Office



1.         Nominations for the Award will be invited each year by the Assistant to the Mayor from the public through the media and from clubs and voluntary organisations within the Borough included in a list to be maintained by him/her. 

2.         Each organisation may submit one nomination only each year and this must be on the form supplied. It is recommended that this nomination should contain as much information as possible.

3.         Nominations submitted by individuals [other than by serving Members and Officers of the Borough Council] will also be considered.

4.         The recipient of the Award each year will be selected by a Panel comprising the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and one Member from each political group.

5.         The Panel will select from amongst the nominees the individual who, in its opinion, has done most to benefit the community and people of the Borough of Hastings.  Each nomination will be considered on its merits and must adhere to the following:

[a]        Preference will be given to those with a record of service to the community  and people of the Borough of Hastings over a considerable period of time.

[b]        Preference will be given to those whose activities have benefited the community.

[c]        Services rendered to the community as a member of a political party or as a Member or employee of Hastings Borough Council or East Sussex County Council will not be taken into account.

[d]        Present and former Members and employees of Hastings Borough Council will not be eligible for the Award within three years of ceasing to hold that position.

[e]        Preference will be given to nominees who have acted in an unpaid capacity whilst serving the community.

[f]         Nominees will be considered equally, regardless of their gender, race, ethnic origins, age, or marital status.

6.         If, having considered all the nominations received, the Panel considers that none is sufficiently worthy, it may not confer the Award.

7.         Decision of the Panel will be taken by simple majority of those present and voting.  Any indication of preference on the part of a member of the Panel who is absent will be taken into account by the other members, but will not be counted as a vote.

8.         Unsuccessful nominations in any year will be carried forward to the next two years only and considered together with new nominations received.  Organisations or individuals who submitted nominations to be carried forward in this way, will be advised of this fact, but will be at liberty to submit an additional nomination in the second or third year if they so choose.

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Hastings Week