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Hastings Half Marathon 2011

Hastings Half Marathon
Sunday 20th March 2011

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Hastings Half Marathon - the startStart

Hastings Half Marathon - the winner
The instant of the start – notice the timing box at the top of the arch showing 00:00:00, the runners having started are all leaning forward and are checking their watches and the remains of the starting tape in the hands of the marshal on the right. The eventual winner, Gordon Mugi from Kenya is fourth from the left - appropriately enough carrying race number 1. The finishing shot shows Gordon just breaking the finishing tape and the timing box indicating 01:07:59 so a split second before his recorded time of 01:08:00.

Hastings Half Marathon - the winner

Hastings Half Marathon - Hastings Firemen
Above: The local Fire & Rescue team raising money for the Conquest Hospital Critical Care Team


Left: Seconds after winning - Gordon Mugi from Kenya

Hastings Half Marathon - Eric HardwickRace Organiser Eric Hardwick


Below: Hastings' mayor, Cllr. Kim Forward with Hastings Lions Chairman Andre Waters in the background.

Hasting Half Marathon - Tamara Gates
Our own Hastings Old Town Carnival Queen, Miss Hastings, Tamara Gates in the penultimate month of her reign still raising money for The Prader-Willi Syndrome Association and completing the course in 03:10:58, achieving, I believe, 3626th place. I met up with Tamara a couple of weeks later and she was still getting over the aches and pains earned during the race but what an inspiration to our young people.

Hastings Half Marathon - Mayor

HAstings Half Marathon
No need for a caption!


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