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Machine Knitting Live! 2002
Fashion Show in Hastings

Words (c) Sue Castro 2002 Pictures (c) Ion Castro 2002

At the Phoenix Hall, Parkstone Road in Hastings
Some of these pictures pictures and more about the show appears in Machine Knitting Monthly, December 2002 edition

Machine Knitting Monthly Fashion Show
Not a spare seat for the fashion show

From the left, Misha wearing her own "creation", showing that machine knitting is not just woolly jumpers and can be smart for evening wear. Mary wearing Dianne's Illusion garter carriage sweater and Jean Miller wearing one of the designers' double jacquard pattern jackets.

Jean Miller wearing a Jamilla Cut'n'sew Design which would grace any "mother of the bride" with Dianne in the background doing the commentary. Jenny and Mary showing In-ex creations.

Dress models wearing garments knitted by Priory Knits. Jenny's showing a Jane Hawkins MKM pattern in sable crepe and the top was knitted for the club's "Sideways Knitted Sparkly Jumper Competition" 

    Sue Castro is a member of the Guild of Machine Knitters

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