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Hastings Week 1999

As part of the Hastings Week 1999 celebrations Priory Knits, in conjunction with the Hastings Needlecraft Group held a week-long exhibition in the Lower Hall of the White Rock Theatre. In 1999 it housed the Hastings Embroidery which was commissioned in 1966 as part of the celebration of the 900th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings and produced by the Royal College of Needlework. It was a fitting backdrop to the modern-day knitters and embroiderers.

The White Rock Theatre

Dorothy Clements (Left), Chair of the Hastings Week Committee, takes part in a demonstration by  Lynda and Sandra of Priory Knits

Tim Castro (age 9) shows that you are never too young to machine knit!  - the jumper he knitted was on show!

Knitted Soft Furnishingsdesigned and knitted by Lynda (lampshade), Brenda (left, curtains) and bedspread (sue, right), one of the panels of the Hastings Embroidery is in the background.

Garter stitch detail of Sue's bedspread

Doll's Cot dressed by Joy

Jean knitted these very detailed dolls costumes

More examples of members work, demonstrating the range of knitting possibilites on a standard gauge machine - intarsia, felting, dolls clothes, shadow pleating, beadwork, sideways knitting and double jacquard

Even more examples - mainly novelty knits, Christmas cards and crackers, hats, dolls, puppets etc. - the Hastings Embroidery in the background

Dorothy Clements, Chair of the Hastings Week Committee admires some of the exquisite work of the Hastings Needlecraft Group

Words and Pictures (c) Sue Castro 1999 2000    Sue Castro is a member of the Guild of Machine Knitters

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