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Hastings Old Town Carnival Week 2014 PhotoGallery
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Hastings Saturday 26th July 2014 Judging the Windows, Tug-o-War, Fishermens Museum, Beach Concert, Portrait Painting, Old Town Criers
Hastings Sunday 27th July 2014 Crowning, Presentations,Beach Concert Day 2
Hastings Monday 28th July 2014 Whelk Eating, SEABOOT RACE, Carnival FM, Auction
Hastings Tuesday 29th July 2014 Crown Lane Bike Race, Mannequins in High Street
Hastings Wednesday 30th July 2014 Open Days - All Saints Belfry & FILO Brewery. PRAM RACE
Hastings Thursday 31st July 2014 High Street Party
Hastings Friday 1st August 2014
Hastings Saturday 2nd August 2014 HASTINGS OLD TOWN CARNIVAL DAY!


Official site - Hastings Old Town Carnival

Hastings Old Town Carnival Week


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