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The Mock Roman Bath structure within the grounds of Summerfields was constructed by Wastel  Brisco (David Thornton Page 285) after he purchased the house in 1831 it was constructed to take advantage of a natural spring from the sandstone at this point.

Roman Bath in Summerfields Woods - 100 years ago
The Roman bath, 100 years ago

Roman Bath in Summerfields Woods, Feb 2000
A similar view in February 2000, the round building has gone, so has the arch on the left anf the lion's head keystone

A leaflet advertising a fete for East Sussex Hospitals offers for the charge of 3d tours of the "Ancient Roman Bath and W ell by an experienced guide".  describing it as  " built by Caractus King of Ancient British People AD51"  This description that is somewhat exaggerated.

In front of the grotto area is a rectangular bath area full of water and some debris entered by  three steps  measuring  15' 6" long and 8' wide. From photographs taken early last century and the 1873 O/S map it is possible to gain a good impression of  how it looked over 100 years ago. The photograph reveals the existence of  a circular structure with an arched entrance.

Roman bath Grotto in Summerfields woods
The rear of the grotto, showing the natural spring

another view of Sumerfields' Roma bath
Vandals already taking over, the lion's head keystone has gone, another lion's head through which the  water ran has also gone, attempts have been made to destroy the stone slab affording access to the grotto.

To the left of the bath in a wall which has now fallen down was a narrow entrance with pointed two centred arch leading to a short flight of steps ascending to the area above the bath. At the centre of this arch is what appears to be a carved lionís head or other feature. This has now been stolen.    The water run off channel is currently open. In the photograph the channel is Covered

The Roman Bath it is an attractive feature, which warrants sympathetic restoration in order to ensure its long-term preservation.

The provision of more seating in this attractive location would be of benefit

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