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Centenary of Robert Tressell's death - 2011


Robert TressellThe Robert Tressell Society
(Formerly "The Robert Tresssell Centre")

“The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists”
by Robert Tressell

Centenary of Robert Tressell's death


Saturday February 5th 2011 - there will be a commemmoration in Hastings of the death of Robert Tressell (Robert Noonan) on February 3rd 1911

More information www.raggedtrouseredandangry.me.uk

The Robert Tressell event to commemorate him, one hundred years after his death, originally planned for the St Leonards Assembly Rooms, East Ascent, on Saturday 5th February 2011, starting at midday and finishing at 8pm. was moved to the Brass Monkey in Havelock Road, due to the antics of the rolled-up-trouser brigade - strange how nothing has changed in the 100 years since Tressell's death!. It was a free event.

Principal speakers are John McDonnell MP; Jeremy Corbyn MP; Megan Dobney (Regional Secretary TUC); Billy Hayes (General Secretary CWU); Richard Ascough (Regional Secretary GMB); Professor Chris Knight (founder, the Radical Anthropology Group); Linda Rolph (General Secretary Advance); the Robin Hood Tax Campaign, and local historian Steve Peak. There will also be student leaders, and other senior trade union speakers. There are promises for at least a couple more, just awaiting confirmation.

Musicians include Attila The Stockbroker (a legendary figure, Britains leading performance poet); Robb Johnson (a political songwriter who has appeared at Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival and Levellers Day on numerous occasions); Graeme Knights and Tom Kelly (renowned folk singers with a massive repertoire of trade union and working songs); Tracey Curtis (from South Wales, once in punk/pop band Shelleys Children and now a solo protest singer); and Bob Tipler, leader of The Dawgs.

This is not a Robert Tressell Society event but we actively support the venture.


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