Ricardo García Pérez has worked as English into Spanish literary translator since 1999 and has been charged by the Spanish Publisher Capitan Swing to translate into Spanish Tressell's great novel, a work whose translation into Spanish he'd been also trying to promote himself for some ten years.

Fortunately, the job has been finally planned because of a European fund duly applied for and, hopefully, will be available for Spanish readers next spring, 2014
Ragged Trousered Philantropists in spanish

"Ragged Trousered Philanthropists" to be published in Spanish

The book is going to be published by Capitán Swing Libros; you may visit its web site at //www.capitanswinglibros.com/portada.php. It's an excellent and very appropriate small independent publishing house for Tressell's book.
Plans are being to be made for it to be published in springtime, hopefully, by Día del Libro in Spain, which is April 23th,
For all related to the publishing, you may contact with the publisher, Daniel Moreno and you can contact him at capitanswinglibros@gmail.com. You can let him know that I passed to you his email address.

It would be important talking about what has made possible this book to be translated, which has been the funding by European Commission. This is the English website of the Culture Program: //ec.europa.eu/culture/our-programmes-and-actions/culture-programme-%282007-2013%29_en.htm


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