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10th Annual Rally, Sunday 19th May 2002.
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Many visitors said that this was one of our best rallies to date, despite the threat of wind and rain the weather was magnificent for the whole day (this is Hastings after all!) sadly missing was Happy Harold, heavy maintenance on the rear springs has kept him off the road. what started as replacing the bronze spring bushes (8 of them) and pins has revealed two cracked springs, worn main trunnions and a half-shaft that was ready to shear. Thanks to Tom Bewick of Bewick Engineering.

Just a quick view of the site, with Morgan's Train on the left.

The Volvo Ailsa in the middle was based at Hastings' Silverhill depot during trials in 1975 and is now back in its original livery. The East Kent Regent was also based at Silverhill for a while but in Hastings Bus Company colours.

Golden Jubilee - Stephen Dine (Empress) poses his Mercedes with the RM that Dave Thompson brought down from Battersea Bus garage 

And we were pleased to see Cliff Jardine and the crew from Manchester again

More long-distance travellers, a contingent from Cheltenham

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