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11th Annual Rally, Sunday 18th May 2003.
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Pictures from the rally

Our eleventh annual rally was held on 18th may and was a particularly important one because it celebrates Happy Harold's 75th Birthday AND the 50th anniversary of the Coronation. The Coronation was particularly significant because HH was saved (by Felix Cunuder) from the scrapyard so that he could be decked out in lights as a celebration and the rest, as they say, is history.  Unfortunately the 'Birthday Boy' was unable to attend because the heavy maintenance on the rear axles and springs that has kept him off the road is continuing.  Tom Bewick of Bewick Engineering is masterminding the whole operation and we are hopeful that Happy Harold should be on the road again soon. Pictures of the work will then feature on this site. Click here for pictures of the event.


Happy Harold and crew, June 1953 Pictured 6th June 1953. a couple of days after re-entering service, David Padgham's picture at Fishmarket terminus shows Driver Bill Campbell (left) and Conductor Bob Taylor. It is believed the crews called the 'bus "Bess" at this time - the figure of Happy Harold did not replace the Union Jack shield until some time later.

The bus was painted "Royal Maroon" and cream, the livery it carries today in deference to the occasion. Originally it would have been chocolate brown and cream like the trams then green and cream when M&D took over in 1935

June 1st 1959, Bill Campbell, front Left and Bob Taylor rear left pose on Harold's rear platform with Driver Clark rear right and Conductor 'Tug' Wilson after the last trolleybus run. Clark and Wilson crewed Sunbeam no 34 that followed Happy Harold.

Many thanks to Gary Linch, Bob's grandson, for the loan of the photo. 

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