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12th Annual Rally, Sunday 16th May 2004.
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Our twefth annual rally was held on 16th May and celebrates Felix's 75th Birthday. Named after Felix Cunuder who saved Happy Harold from the scrapyard so that he could be decked out in lights as a celebration of the Coronation in 1954 and the rest, as they say, is history.  Happy Harold now has an MOT and was on parade thanks to Tom Bewick of Bewick Engineering who has completed the work on the rear axles and the complete braking system.

We hope all visitors enjoyed themselves and here's a few pictures of HH doing his stuff,

Empress Coaches of Hastings were our sponsors and were celebrating their 75th Birthday

The oldest vehicle in the show, a ParisienneVictoria Combination Voiturette of 1899

Bob Shaill's collection of ancient VW's, two from 1939 and one from 1952

a photogallery of the event will follow as soon as I get a moment!

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