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1999 Rally

Hastings Trolleybus Restoration Group's  7th Annual Rally 1999

Our rally on Sunday 16th May 1999 commemorated the 40th anniversary of the closure of the trolleybus system in the Hastings Area, these pictures were specially taken by Ion Castro and remain his copyright.

Sunbeam Trolleybus 
!947 Sunbeam, fleet No 34, BDY 809, ran behind Happy Harold in the final procession in 1959
Alvis Firebird
1935 Alvis Firebird Special
Cars at 1999 rally 
Some of the classic cars and hot rods
EK.jpg (6022 bytes) 
Stagecoach vehicles and ex East Kent 35 seater coach. Ex Brighton in the background

 from hh.jpg (10707 bytes) 
View from the top deck of Happy Harold
hh99.jpg (10152 bytes) 
Star of the show, Happy Harold, supplied new to Hastings in 1928 Fleet No 3, DY4965
HKE867.jpg (8783 bytes) 
Ex Maidstone & District, 1945  Bristol K6A by Weymann, 56 seat highbridge body HKE867
inside.jpg (11234 bytes)
Newly restored top deck interior of No 34, Hastings' 1947 Sunbeam
    jag.jpg (3905 bytes)
also 1947, Jaguar Mk IV 1.5 Litre, identical to pre-war SS
  lineup1.jpg (6841 bytes)

lineup2.jpg (7058 bytes)

lineup3.jpg (5914 bytes)

  lineup4.jpg (2627 bytes)
more views of some of the buses on parade
  lineup5.jpg (3927 bytes)  lineup6.jpg (4264 bytes)
Happy Harold in pride of place in the line-up with a couple of superb RT's
lineup7.jpg (3890 bytes) 
a panorama of  buses
OKO816G.jpg (2962 bytes) 
1968 Leyland Leopard by Willowbrook and an RT
opens.jpg (1934 bytes) 
a pair of open toppers, amongst the last to leave, Southdown's Leyland PD3/4 and a rare Bristol VRT
RE.jpg (3649 bytes) 
The RE Group's single decker
topdeck.jpg (5556 bytes)
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