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1998 Rally

Here's a few pictures from our Sixth Annual Rally, held on the Oval, near the centre of Hastings on the 17th May 1998. More pictures will be posted as they come in, and, hopefully, a proper write-up!!! Our thanks to Fred Baldry for allowing us to use his photos, which remain his copyright.

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Sunbeam BDY 809, fleet No. 34 arrives on site, towed because its an electric vehicle and we haven't got a generator set.

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At the depot before being towed

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Pride of place has to go to "Happy Harold". The name was acquired back in 1953 when Harold first re-appeared, festooned with lights, for the Coronation of Elizabeth II. a cut-out of Harold, the Saxon King defeated at Hastings in 1066 was fixed above the cab - hence the name. We now have a replica of the original. It does beg the question though, the effigy should have been William (the Conqueror) and what, apart from being in Hastings, did Harold have to be happy about.

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Other, non-trolley buses that attended included this classic example of a London Transport RM and this magnificent Leyland Tiger TS7 of 1937 vintage, this vehicle has very strong local connections, operating out of Bexhill Depot as M&D fleet No. 558 its roof was specially adapted to carry the instruments for Bexhill Town Band and later it was a common sight in Hastings in the 50's and early 60's carrying the boats of Hastings Rowing Club.

The following pictures are from Ion Castro and remain his copyright

Hapyy Harold & Queen Mary

Happy Harold and the Southdown Queen Mary pass each other on one of the tours of the town

Line up of visiting buses

Some of the magnificent line-up of visiting buses, vintage, historic and modern

Hastings' last trolleybus  BDY 809,

The last service trolleybus to run in Hastings (May 1959), BDY 809 fleet No. 34

Buses, Cars & Morgan's train

Another view of the rally ground showing some of the other historic vehicles that attended. Morgan's famous train is in the foreground.

Unfortunately we were unable show our 1929 Guy BTX single decker "Felix" due to lack of funds, we are hoping that he will be on show at next years' rally which will commemorate the passing of 40 years since the closure of the Hastings System in 1959.  A reprint of the commemorative booklet "Hail and Farewell", published in 1959 to commemorate this sad event, is available for 3.50 + 50p. P&P (UK), Other countries - please ask. This booklet has pictures of Trams and Trolleybuses in the Hastings area. We also have a video, Hastings Trolleybuses 1928 - 1959   - ask for details.

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