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Our rally on Sunday 16th May 1999 commemorated the 40th anniversary of the closure of the trolleybus system in the Hastings Area, these pictures are from Lyndon Rowe's collection and remain his copyright.

34and_hh.jpg (3635 bytes) Happy Harold & No 34

Happy Harold returns to Silverhill Depot ahead of 34 on the final run on 31st May 1959. both of these vehicles are in our collection. Happy Harold had a Commer TS3 diesel fitted soon afterwards and that's what he is running on today. The Sunbeam, no 34, went on to see further service in Maidstone until 1966.

34.jpg (3162 bytes) 34 returns to Silverhill 1/6/59

1st June 1959, after the last ceremonial journey 34 unceremoniously returns to Sinverhill depot

38.jpg (3835 bytes) 38 in High Street 31/5/59

Another 'last day' picture, No 38 navigating the incredibly narrow High Street in Hastings Old Town, AND it was a two-way road in those days!. The last remaining traction pole in Hastings (apart from those in Silverhill Depot) is at the top end of High Street near its junction with The Bourne.

28.jpg (2747 bytes) No 28 in Bexhill, 31/5/59

  No 28 seen at Manor Road Bexhill on 31st May 1959, it was later the last public service trolleybus into Silverhill depot that night.

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