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Tram tracks revealed September 2000

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On September 19th and 20th 2000 major road works on St.Helens Road between the Park Gated and Spa Hill revealed an unbroken run of double tram track complete with woodblock road surface, track drains and crossover. Some of the woodblocks have been removed but the majority will be reburied under the new road surface. The track was laid in 1905 and covered up around 1930.  Have a look at the Queens Road Bridge which is just behind where the early photographer was standing.

About 1910, apart from the tram the scene is very similar today   (David Padgham Collection)

Laying the Tramway, 1905 (Richard Pollard Collection)

Views along St.Helens Road

Contemporary repairs to the woodblock surface

closer view of the track

The track would have continued to the right, up Spa Hill and right again into Laton Road. This crossover, presumably for short working to Alexandra Park, is not shown on system maps or the 1928 Ordnance survey.
The same crossover looking towards the town

Track drains, see detail below

erosion of the wood blocks has revealed the tie bar

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