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26th October 2000         Happy Harold Rides Again!

After two years hard work HAPPY HAROLD RIDES AGAIN with rear axle work finally completed and a brand new MOT pass certificate our 1928 Guy BTX6 - Happy Harold - made its official first outing and tour of Hastings.

Captured on film, Mick Sherwood, our Chief Engineer and the man responsible for the repairs to the rear axle, was our driver for the afternoon. Without Mick's expert attention it is unlikely that Happy Harold would have continued to run under its own power (Commer TS3 two-stroke diesel)

Waiting outside Hastings Town Hall to pick up Kevin Boorman and Sarah Crosby

Kevin, Hastings' Marketing and Communications Manager and his assistant Sarah. Hastings Castle straight ahead

Next Stop, Hastings Observer offices in Telford Road to pick up Photographer Janice Hopgood (far right) and reporter Rob Hustwayte (right), welcomed by our Secretary Roy Austen (left) and introduced to Kevin Boorman, centre

Reporter Rob poses with a copy of the Hastings Observer

.....and we set off from Telford Road. The original Hollington Turning Circle was a few yards to the south of here, the road did not exist in trolleybus days.

Happy Harold returns to the depot.

Lower Saloon, St.Leonards seafront visible outside
Westinghouse Air brakes can cause problems if not expertly maintained - ours are!!
Top deck bell (located at the top of the stairs) and one of the original aceteline driving lamps with Pleasant Row and Capel's House in the background.

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