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Update 2000 - specially photographed 15/1/2000

Seen from the top deck of Happy Harold, Hastings No 34 is now looking as it did in the 50's.

Rear view of Happy Harold and the reason that he was not seen under his own power last season, the huge bronze crown wheel from the third axle showing the mangled teeth in the centre of the picture. A new gear wheel has been made and Happy Harold should be on show again this year.

Another rear view, this time No 45, a 1929 Ransomes single deck body on a similar chassis to Happy Harold (Guy BTX) with detail of the inside roof of the rear saloon.

Front and rear views of No 34, BDY 809, Weymann bodied Sunbeam of 1947 vintage. Built for Hastings in 1947 this vehicle went on to work for Maidstone Borough Council until withdrawn in the mid 1960's

View of the recently restored driver's cab of No 34, Well done Keith Cook! Yes, It's a train in the background.

7/3/2000 - A party from Ken Brooks' "Hastings Then and Now" Group visit the Depot and try out the top deck of No 34

Above words and pictures are (c) Ion Castro 2000.

And finally, a couple of pictures of Happy Harold in service as a tourist attraction in the early 60's. By the boating lake in Hastings Old Town


Many thanks to David Bradley for allowing us to use these copyright pictures - David's speciality is Croydon Trolleybuses - click here to see more.

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