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BDY 787 during the last war
BDY 787 (No. 12) at The Memorial in Hastings during the last war. (photo Jack Turley)

BDY 791 (No. 16)  AEC 661T Photographed just after the war (photo Jack Turley)

BDY 813 (No. 38) In Bexhill, 1950's
BDY 813 (No 38) at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on sea in the 1950's  (photo Jack Turley)

Happy Harold at Silverhill, 1959
"Happy Harold" at Silverhill in 1959

Hastings Old Town Turning Circle, 1954. The circle's still there but used as a car park.

At the Park Cross Roads in 1959, note the feeder cables to the overhead (top left  corner)

Bo Peep, 1953. The bus stop lists Trolley Service 8 and Motor Bus services 15, 35, 51,99. Note the Sunbeam (or is it an AEC?) incoming on Service 8 passing Stewart's Bacon Warehouse (since demolished)

Photographed at Silverhill depot, late 1940's or early 50's. On the left, No 46 (formerly 45) was later used as the booking office at Hastings Coach Station and is now undergoing restoration. No 50 (centre) was not so lucky, it was broken up in at  Silverhill Depot in January 1956. Note the tramlines in the depot floor (photo Jack Turley)

49.jpg (5243 bytes)

Shown here outside Silverhill Depot in the early 1930's is No 49 another, single deck Guy BTX.

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