White Rock

The area between the end of Robertson Street - the Western limit of the America Ground - and the Pier is known as "White Rock"; the area has this name because in the early part of the last century a massive white sandstone (there is no chalk in the immediate vicinity of Hastings)  promontory covered the area and could only be passed at low tide or by a steep road over the top.   The deployment of gunpowder ensured the removal of the obstruction and  westward expansion continued. The main feature of eastern end of the area is the former Palace Hotel with its Victorian splendour somewhat diminished in the 1960's when a lot of the elaborate stucco mouldings were removed. The building is now shops, a pub, offices and apartments. The following historic pictures date from the Edwardian era and give a flavour of Seaside Hastings at that time.

 rp1060.jpg (8325 bytes) Richard Pollard Collection

 Rf4_wr.jpg (9230 bytes)   Ron FellowsCollection

  Ron FellowsCollection

      palace2.jpg (8834 bytes)            Photo  Ion Castro

The 'Palace' today 

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