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XL (2000) Ltd - Internet Services

XL(2000)Ltd. is a member of Nominet and we have been providing internet services since 1997

Services - Domain Registration and Hosting

XL(2000)Ltd can: . 

redball.gif (1667 bytes) Register Domains on the UK registry (.co.uk, org.uk me.uk) registry and the US registry (.com, .net, .org .name)
redball.gif (1667 bytes) Register and host .gov.uk and .ac.uk domains for those entitled to use them

redball.gif (1667 bytes) Host your domain and author a web site for you or host your domain for you or your designer to author.
redball.gif (1667 bytes) All UK registrations and renewals are subject to Nominet's current terms and conditions

Services  - E-mail 

XL(2000)Ltd can: 

redball.gif (1667 bytes)  Provide almost unlimited e-mail addresses on your domain
redball.gif (1667 bytes)  Redirect e-mails to other addresses and even copy the same e-mail to a list of addresses
redball.gif (1667 bytes)  Allow you to redirect your own e-mails
redball.gif (1667 bytes)  Provide e-mail addresses using the 1066.net, 1066-country.com, 1066-country.net or cinque-ports.com addresses and redirect to your own e-mail account
redball.gif (1667 bytes)  Provide web -based e-mail pickup 

Services  - Dial - up or ADSL / Broadband

redball.gif (1667 bytes) We don't normally supply dial-up or ADSL / Broadband 

Services  - Web Page Authoring

XL(2000)Ltd can: 

redball.gif (1667 bytes)  Author your web pages for you
redball.gif (1667 bytes)  Work with you or your web designer
redball.gif (1667 bytes)  Provide effective animations
redball.gif (1667 bytes)  Advise on creating effective web pages 

Services  - Internet Advertising

XL(2000)Ltd can: 

redball.gif (1667 bytes) Advertise your business on the internet
redball.gif (1667 bytes) L
ead browsers to your web site with a banner

Services  - E-commerce 

XL(2000)Ltd will, in the near future : 

redball.gif (1667 bytes)  Provide a full e-commerce solution
redball.gif (1667 bytes)  Work with you or your web designer to provide a full e-commerce solution


All services are subject to our Good Practice Statement



Registered Office 119 Braybrooke Road, Hastings, TN34 1TQ, UK
Company Registered in England & Wales Company registration No.2732254 Vat No. GB583-2914-16

tel +1424 437468

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